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Since 1967, the KRD Group has never stood still. The company’s track record is written at two locations on a total of 25,000 square metres and our products are shipped all over the world. The company is managed by the 2nd generation of the Brammer family.

The success story began in a small garage in Hamburg as “Gerd Brammer and Rolf Peters
– Vehicle electrics/ship electrics”.


A repair service for Borgward models was offered. Among other things, the police had their vehicles fitted with Moto Meter tachographs.

The workshop area was expanded to include the neighbouring building. KRD Handel & Service GmbH & Co. KG was formed. KRD = Kraftfahrzeug Reparatur Dienst (Motor vehicle repair service)


Wrecked police cars often rolled into the yard. The idea of safety panes was born. KRD developed bodies for small delivery vans.

Founding of KRD Sicherheitstechnik GmbH 800 sqm area for the production and further development of safety panes made of plastic.


Front safety glass: Gerd Brammer developed impact-resistant panes. Contract with Renault. 1990s: First own coating plant.

Inauguration of the new company premises in Geesthacht. The building was built specifically for the company’s needs.


The demand for safety panes, e.g. for police cars, was constantly growing. 1998: First extension with 1,000 sqm, followed by another 2,000 sqm in 2003.

Founding of KRD Coatings GmbH
Innovative high-tech glazing with high-quality coatings, special properties such as scratch and abrasion resistance and UV protection are made from transparent plastic.


KRD is the only supplier of 3x7m coated panels in Germany. 4,750 cuts = 25,000 square meters of KASIGLAS® delivered for the roof of the Olympic Stadium in Athens. KRD supplies noise barriers with self-cleaning coating as far away as Japan.

Another milestone for KRD was set. The first laminated safety pane was delivered to the police.


KRD offers stress-free forming in series quality. Cooperation with John Deere begins.
Revision of the antistatic products with improved product properties.

Inauguration of the site in Bardowick on an area of 11,500 square metres with the latest technology and manufacturing technology. With the founding of KRD Engineering & Service GmbH, services and additional products were added to the company portfolio.


KRD has the largest fully automatic coating system in Germany. 2015: Safety roof hatches are constantly being further developed at KRD.

2015: KRD paves the way for the approval of plastic windscreens in road traffic. 2017 marks the worldwide first approval according to ECE R43.


The manufacture of complex cockpit panes from PMMA for helicopters is a new specialty of KRD. KRD is awarded the Airbus Innovations Award.

With the founding of KRD Luftfahrttechnik GmbH, the accumulated know-how is combined with the materials for intelligent lightweight construction. KRD developed an innovative manufacturing process for 3D forming of polycarbonate. Expansion of the site in Geesthacht as an innovation centre for research & development, design & engineering.


Additional functions in laminated panes such as smart heating systems are being further developed. In 2020, the chain shot standard was adopted. KRD panes passed all tests.

Since January 2021, KASIGLAS® has been an official partner of COREUM – a platform for innovations that is unique in Europe. An exceptional meeting place for meetings, training and the exchange of ideas from the construction, handling and recycling sectors.


Completion of the highly innovative production line with clean room at the Bardowick site. Safety with visibility.

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